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The Great Change of the Ages Has Arrived

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[sidebar:  VANGA saw most all that we've all seen, too, now that 9-1-1 shifted the paradigm.  Time has moved in a rapidity that can't be controlled anymore.  End-2014, and we've got VANGA seeing the people of earth (humans) diseased in mass numbers, globally.  Looks like the time-line VANGA said is true, too .. to be continued ...?]

The Great Change of the Ages Has Arrived

I mean that literally. We are at a massive inflection point in the human sojourn on this planet, and the sojourn of myriad other life forms on this planet.

We are right now well into a period that will rival or exceed the Precambrian extinction event of approximately 650 million years ago, when 70 percent of the higher life forms in the world died off.

Look at the numbers: in the last 40 years, 50% of the world's wildlife has died off or been killed off. At that rate, by 2050 there won't be any wild animals left. In reality, due to the dynamics of population collapse, the final nail in our collective coffin will come long before 2050. It could be 2030 or 2020 or 2018 when a critical global, ecological threshold is passed and the entire global ecology unravels catastrophically in just a few years, or even less.

This planet is dying. And we are the executioners. That is the plain English translation of the horrifying, 50% die-off of the world's wildlife in just 40 years.

The Pacific Ocean is dying. The alternative news media in recent weeks and months have been filled with stories about massive die-offs of everything from sea stars to sea gulls to sardines and tuna.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water in the world, so the implications of its death are self-evident for global ecology.

I have written before about the ongoing destruction of the Earth's great tropical forests. They are being buzz cut, burned down, and bulldozed. Going, going, going ....... I've seen what is happening to the Amazon jungle here in Ecuador with my own eyes. It's being cut down, burned down, bulldozed and herbicide and pesticide sprayed.

The human race has made a collective, profoundly ignorant decision to destroy its home planet. That's what it amounts to.

It is what it is. Realistically, unless something radically, drastically, unexpectedly alters the status quo, we, the human species, are short timers on this planet. We won't last much longer.

The exploded and/or melted down nuclear power reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima, Japan by themselves are probably an extinction level event. They have released and continue to release so much deadly radioactivity into the Earth's atmosphere and Pacific Ocean that the extinction of most higher life forms is probably a done deal, with the passage of the years and the spread of the radioactive poison to all corners of the globe.

No one knows how to fix the problems at Fukushima, given the current level of industrial technology on this planet.

The problem will continue for years, maybe thousands of years.

All of this is made ever so much more grave, by the burgeoning Ebola crisis. It is a horrific disease, in and of itself. But what will happen if a spreading Ebola epidemic or pandemic creates sufficient societal chaos that crews do not go to work at the 400 nuclear power plants around the world? What then?

Nuclear power plants need constant, daily, hourly, minute-to-minute monitoring, operation and maintenance. What happens if the plant workers die or do not come to work out of fear, or because of martial law or medical quarantines? What then? Do we then have Fukushima in Chicago? New York City? Phoenix? Houston? Miami? All of that and more?

There are 10 nuclear power plants in the United Kingdom. That's a small geographic area. A lot of U.K. subjects read this blog. What are their survival prospects if the nuclear power plants on that small island nation should melt down and/or blow up?

It is not an idle question.

You see, we have come hard up against the Great Dying Time. The dying has already begun with a vengeance.

Even if you do not succumb to Ebola or fall prey to the strontium, plutonium, uranium, cesium, etc. being ejected by the failed nuclear power plants in Japan, the mere fact that you are a higher life form on a planet on which  half of all wildlife has vanished in the last 40 years, means that your chances of dying, vanishing, being killed, going extinct, etc. in the coming years are also very high, close to 100% actually. That is because as a higher life form dependent on the global ecology for continued survival and sustenance, the human species is prone to the very same dynamics that are killing off this planet's wildlife.

We are at the top of the food chain, so as the ecology dies, so will humanity.  

That's the way the cookie crumbles, and it is crumbling very rapidly.

In 1958 I was shown by The Bone Lady that a GREAT DARK TIME would come. It is here. It is a very dark time. It is getting progressively darker.

In early 2012 I asked ayahuasca what the future held and was shown a stark vision of rigid totalitarianism. A lock down, not only physically and militarily, but also mentally and spiritually. 

TOTALitarianism. It looked grim. Ayahuasca twice showed me the same, precisely identical vision.

I am talking not only about police, military and social control, but insidious mind and even spirit control. 

All pervasive control. It's being set up right now. Many of the elements are already in place

Look at the world with your eyes open. You can see the evidence everywhere. 

It appears that soon Ebola quarantines may begin, and martial law, at least in the northern hemisphere countries.

We are close to that now.

Free yourself if you can. It will take a very serious effort.

My Current Situation

This week, the trial of the shaman who hurt me so badly and put me in the hospital for more than four months was finally held. The court received the extensive medical evidence of my grave bodily injury. The court heard testimony that I resided in the same finca with the shaman, that I was his informal apprentice; it heard my version of the events that transpired that morning and night, and more.

Nevertheless the court ruled that he was innocent of causing me harm. 


The shaman and two of his close neighbors testified that they had spent the entire day together making rounds on the finca, beginning not long after dawn and continuing all day. Notwithstanding the near fatal bodily harm I suffered, it was my word against three others.

The presiding judge of the three judge tribunal therefore ruled that there was no proof that the shaman caused my injuries.

Case closed. Court dismissed.

I want to thank all of those who supported me in this long, horrific ordeal. I deeply appreciate your help and concern. It has sustained me in some of the darkest days of my life. I have literally been to the edge of death and back. I don't know where I would have been without you. I am deeply grateful for your assistance.

For me, the whole process, from the beginning to this point, reflects the working of The Machine.

Ayahuasca itself has pointed The Machine out to me over and over again. It has infiltrated, distorted and warped every aspect of life and reality on this planet, and not in a good way. Once you are alerted to its presence and activity you can see it at work everywhere.

It has negatively infected everything, including the minds and spirits of most of humanity, from shamans to judges, police officers, politicians, bankers, gang bangers, drug smugglers, financiers, actors and actresses, and on and on.

It has this whole planet in its grip.

It is definitely the motivating force behind the Great Dying Time that has now come, and the pervasive evil and crime that is rampant on this planet.

I did my best with very limited resources to defend myself against the great crime that was inflicted on me. In the end, from a legal standpoint, according to the dictates of the "justice" system in the Ecuadorian Amazon, it turns out that you can be nearly killed and your assailant will simply walk away.

It could have been worse. I could have died.

I still do gratefully accept and need your assistance. This is what I do. I write. I comment on the big issues of the day. I am an activist. If you find value in my writing and reflections I welcome your donation.

For USA dollar contributions please e-mail me at:  and I will tell you how to send a donation.

The little-known origins and history of the Balfour Declaration | The Landman Document An excerpt from Count Leon de Poncins State Secrets | By John Helmer, Moscow ~ Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton >former and wannabe presidents of the US >say >accepted more than $13 million from Ukrainian pipemaker Victor Pinchuk since 2006 >But Pinchuk says >

Is it possible, is it even conceivable that the Jews, by sheer weight of their influence alone, could unleash a world war? It is probably unbelievable, and yet this is exactly what has happened three times in the course of the last half century, in 1900, with the Transvaal war, in 1917, with the entrance of the Americans into the war on the side of the Allies, and in 1939, with the commencement of the Second World War.

In this chapter I am simply going to deal with the case of the entry of the United States into the First World War in 1917 on the side of the Allies, and I will show that this contention rests on solid proof.

Let us briefly recall the facts. By 1917 the English-French alliance was in a difficult position and in danger of losing the war against Imperial Germany. The latter, whose hands had been freed from the Russian front by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, was about to hurl all its strength against the western front, which was in danger of being swept away by the violence of their attack. The Allies urgently needed American aid.

The United States did not hesitate to enter the war on the Allies' side. The official pretext invoked in favour of this move was the sinking of the English liner, Lusitania, by a German submarine, which resulted in the deaths of a certain number of American passengers.

But the negotiations and pressures which brought about this situation are the subject of this chapter, for the facts which we are about to relate are virtually unknown to the public.

In 1929 a Polish writer, E. Malynski, published a book revealing the unknown facts behind these historic events entitled La Démocratie victorieuse, a work which was subsequently shown to be quite prophetic.

Basing his argument on a profound knowledge of international politics and upon a logical deduction of the facts, Malynski concluded that America's entrance into the war on the side of the Allies was due to Jewish influence.

    ‘If there had not been the Lusitania affair, the asphyxiating gases, or the intrigues of German and Austrian ambassadors on American territory, in which they were surely not unique, other ways would have been found to achieve the same results. No provocation would have been too severe to obtain them, since democracy was in danger and it urgently needed American intervention to come to its aid.

    ‘Democracy was in danger, and that is the most important point and indeed the pivot of all contemporary history. The rest is just empty meaningless phrases, fodder which is thrown to beasts who are being led to the slaughter-house.

    ‘The apparent spontaneity of their enthusiasm for war, which shook the American people, should not astonish those who know America, or who lived there for some years before 1914. For at that time thousands and thousands of non-Jewish people, who had nevertheless been intoxicated by a costly and clever publicity campaign, demanded at the tops of their voices that diplomatic and commercial relations should be broken off with the Tsar's government - a measure which would gravely prejudice the American portfolio - for the sole reason that a mean and obscure little Jew, who was completely unknown in his own town, but whose international ubiquity had organized his defence, had been brought before a court of assize and the regular jury of a provincial city in the Russian empire on a charge, whether justly or unjustly, of committing a ritual murder.

    ‘On both occasions, the result was exactly the same: the nation which above all others claims to be free and in sovereign command of its own destiny was brainwashed to the hilt.

    ‘In 1914 any American would have laughed to scorn the idea that in three years time he would be struggling and suffering in France for the sake of affairs which had no connection with those of his own country.

    ‘And yet, when 1917 came, the same man enlisted enthusiastically. Every soldier whom we happened to interview and questioned as to his personal motives for fighting, invariably replied: 'we are fighting for democracy'. They were one step ahead of their fellow soldiers from other nations, who went for their own country's sake.

    ‘It is only when we realize that France was invaded by hundreds of thousands of inhabitants from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Wyoming, California, Louisiana, and subsequently from Ontario, Manitoba, Rhodesia and New South Wales, whose only possible motive was to hasten the triumph of democracy, that we begin to understand something of the power of Israel. The power to stir up a whole nation of solid, egotistical and utilitarian individuals, and to persuade them that their greatest privilege is to set out and get themselves killed at the uttermost ends of the earth, with no hope of gain for themselves or their children and almost without their understanding against or for whom they are fighting, or why, is a simply incredible phenomenon which makes one afraid when one comes to think about it.’ (E. Malynski: La Démocratie victorieuse)

I remember very well showing this book to the director of a big London daily paper, and asking him his opinion of it. He said that British opinion would never accept it, and he did not conceal from me the fact that he thought the author was suffering from a form of mania.

However, in March 1936, a Zionist Jew named Samuel Landman published a work called Great Britain, The Jews and Palestine under the auspices of the Zionist Association, which deals with Zionism and the entry of the United States into the war. As the preface of the book clearly states, the author is a very well-known English Zionist. He was the honorary secretary of the Zionist Council of the United Kingdom in 1912, editor of The Zionist from 1913 - 1914, and author of various Zionist publications which came out during the war. From 1917 - 1922 he was the solicitor and secretary of the Zionist organization, and later became its legal adviser. As a Jewish document, therefore, it may be considered to carry official weight.

Landman's work contains a staggering confirmation of Malynski's thesis. Needless to say, he does not reveal everything, but what he does state reveals a number of stupefying horizons, for he proves in detail that it is the Jews, set in motion, as they themselves admit, by their own exclusively Jewish interests and possessions, who launched America into the world war. The passage which follows is taken without abridgement from the opening pages of Landman's Great Britain, The Jews and Palestine:

    ‘As the Balfour Declaration originated in the War Office, was consummated in the Foreign Office and is being implemented in the Colonial Office, and as some of those responsible for it have passed away or have retired since its migrations from Department to Department, there is necessarily some confusion or misunderstanding as to its raison d'étre and importance to the parties primarily concerned. It would, therefore, seem opportune to recapitulate briefly the circumstances, the inner history and incidents that eventually led to the British Mandate for Palestine.

    ‘Those who assisted at the birth of the Balfour Declaration were few in number. This makes it important to bring into proper relief the services of one who, owing above all to his modesty, has hitherto remained in the background. His services however should take their proper place in the front rank alongside of those Englishmen of vision whose services are more widely known, including the late Sir Mark Sykes, the Rt. Hon. W. Ormsby Gore, the Rt. Hon. Sir Ronald Graham, General Sir George Macdonagh and Mr. G. H. Fitzmaurice.

    ‘In the early years of the War great efforts were made by the Zionist Leaders, Dr. Weizmann and Mr. Sokolow, chiefly through the late Mr. C. P. Scott of the Manchester Guardian, and Sir Herbert Samuel, to induce the Cabinet to espouse the cause of Zionism.

    ‘These efforts were, however, without avail. In fact, Sir Herbert Samuel has publicly stated that he had no share in the initiation of the negotiations which led to the Balfour Declaration. (England and Palestine, a lecture delivered by Sir Herbert Samuel and published by the Jewish Historical Society, February 1936.) The actual initiator was Mr. James A. Malcolm and the following is a brief account of the circumstances in which the negotiations took place.

    ‘During the critical days of 1916 and of the impending defection of Russia, Jewry, as a whole, was against the Czarist regime and had hopes that Germany, if victorious, would in certain circumstances give them Palestine. Several attempts to bring America into the War on the side of the Allies by influencing influential Jewish opinion were made and had failed. Mr. James A. Malcolm, who was already aware of German pre-war efforts to secure a foothold in Palestine through the Zionist Jews and of the abortive Anglo-French démarches at Washington and New York; and knew that Mr. Woodrow Wilson, for good and sufficient reasons, always attached the greatest possible importance to the advice of a very prominent Zionist (Mr. Justice Brandeis, of the US Supreme Court); and was in close touch with Mr. Greenberg, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle (London); and knew that several important Zionist Jewish leaders had already gravitated to London from the Continent on the qui vive awaiting events; and appreciated and realized the depth and strength of Jewish national aspirations; spontaneously took the initiative, to convince first of all Sir Mark Sykes, Under-Secretary to the War Cabinet, and afterwards M. Georges Picot, of the French Embassy in London, and M. Goût of the Quai d'Orsay (Eastern Section), that the best and perhaps the only way (which proved so to be) to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the co-operation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favour of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis. Thus, as will be seen, the Zionists, having carried out their part, and greatly helped to bring America in, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was but the public confirmation of the necessarily secret 'gentleman's' agreement of 1916 made with the previous knowledge, acquiescence and/or approval of the Arabs and of the British, American, French and other Allied Governments, and not merely a voluntary altruistic and romantic gesture on the part of Great Britain as certain people either through pardonable ignorance assume or unpardonable ill-will would represent or misrepresent.

    ‘Sir Mark Sykes was Under-Secretary to the War Cabinet specially concerned with Near Eastern affairs, and, although at the time scarcely acquainted with the Zionist movement, and unaware of the existence of its leaders, he had the flair to respond to the arguments advanced by Mr. Malcolm as to the strength and importance of this movement in Jewry, in spite of the fact that many wealthy and prominent international or semi-assimilated Jews in Europe and America were openly or tacitly opposed to it (Zionist movement) or timidly indifferent. MM. Picot and Goût were likewise receptive.

    ‘An interesting account of the negotiations carried on in London and Paris, and subsequent developments, has already appeared in the Jewish press and need not be repeated here in detail, except to recall that immediately after the 'gentleman's' agreement between Sir Mark Sykes, authorized by the War Cabinet, and the Zionist leaders, cable facilities through the War Office, the Foreign Office and British Embassies, Legations, etc., were given to the latter to communicate the glad tidings to their friends and organizations in America and elsewhere, and the change in official and public opinion as reflected in the American press in favour of joining the Allies in the War, was as gratifying as it was surprisingly rapid.

    ‘The Balfour Declaration, in the words of Prof. H. M. V. Temperley, was a "definite contract between the British Government and Jewry" (History of the Peace Conference in Paris, vol. 6, p. 173). The main consideration given by the Jewish people (represented at the time by the leaders of the Zionist Organization) was their help in bringing President Wilson to the aid of the Allies. Moreover, officially interpreted at the time by Lord Robert Cecil as 'Judea for the Jews' in the same sense as 'Arabia for the Arabs', the Declaration sent a thrill throughout the world. The prior Sykes-Picot Treaty of 1916, according to which Northern Palestine was to be politically detached and included in Syria (French sphere), was subsequently, at the instance of the Zionist leaders, amended (by the Franco-British Convention of December 1920, Cmd. 1195) so that the Jewish National Home should comprise the whole of Palestine in accordance with the promise previously made to them for their services by the British, Allied and American Governments, and to give full effect to the Balfour Declaration, the terms of which had been settled and known to all Allied and associated belligerents, including Arabs, before they were made public.

    ‘In Germany, the value of the bargain to the Allies, apparently, was duly and carefully noted. In his Through Thirty Years Mr. Wickham Steed, in a chapter appreciative of the value of Zionist support in America and elsewhere to the Allied cause, says General Ludendorff is alleged to have said after the War that: "The Balfour Declaration was the cleverest thing done by the Allies in the way of propaganda, and that he wished Germany had thought of it first" (vol. 2, p. 392). As a matter of fact, this was said by Ludendorff to Sir Alfred Mond (afterwards Lord Melchett), soon after the War. The fact that it was Jewish help that brought USA into the War on the side of the Allies has rankled ever since in German - especially Nazi - minds, and has contributed in no small measure to the prominence which anti-Semitism occupies in the Nazi programme.’ (S. Landman: Great Britain, The Jews and Palestine, pp. 3-6)

It should be obvious that this is a document of capital importance, and yet the press has kept absolutely silent about it, and it has remained virtually unknown.

In order fully to understand the significance and importance of this confession, let us briefly resume the facts which led to its publication.

In 1917, the Allies were in distress and desperately needed American aid, but all their efforts to bring the United States into the war on their side had failed. It was then that the English commenced secret negotiations with the American Zionists. The latter proposed a deal: "If you will promise to hand over Palestine to us if you are victorious, we will guarantee to bring America into the war on your side." If America was brought into the war, it seemed almost certain that Germany would be unable to resist the strength of the resulting coalition.

The deal was concluded, and the American Zionists fulfilled their part of the bargain, and brought the USA into the war, and by the celebrated Balfour Declaration, the British Government made Palestine into a national home for the Jews.

Up to this moment, everything seemed satisfactory. Both sides had fulfilled their engagements. However, England, in her distress, had not foreseen the consequences of this decision. The Arabs had not been consulted in the course of these negotiations, and it soon became apparent that while one party in the British Government was promising Palestine to the Jews, another branch of the same Government was promising the same land to the Arabs through the intermediary action of Lawrence of Arabia.

These two pledges were manifestly inconsistent, and if England on the one hand was obliged to accommodate the Jews, on the other she had important interests of her own in the Arab countries of the Near East. The Jews had one capital advantage. They were on the spot in both London and New York, whereas the Arabs were a long way away from the centre of action.

At first the British Government played the Jewish card to the full, and endeavoured to maintain a precarious balance between the Jews and the Arabs. At the time of the Balfour Declaration the Jews had promised that they would not infringe the rights of the Arab population, but the whole world knew that it was an impossible undertaking, and one which the Jews had no intention whatever of respecting.

Thus, to start with the British Government was in favour of establishing a Jewish community which would be built up by immigration, but confrontations with the Arabs rapidly became aggravated. Hitler's rise to power, and his anti-Jewish position, brought matters to boiling point. The British tried to calm the Jews, and cut down on the immigration of international Jews to Palestine. But how is one to reason with the Jews when they are in the grip of their messianic fervour? The influx of Jewish aliens drove the Arabs to flight from a country which they could legitimately consider as their own, since they had lived there for centuries, and they piled into refugee camps in which they have since eked out a miserable and hopeless existence. Massacres, such as at Deir Yassin, provoked a general exodus, and hundreds of thousands more fled to these camps. The Arab States, for their part, did nothing to ameliorate the condition of these unfortunate refugees, and consequently the situation became more and more explosive for the English, who were confronted with a Jewish rebellion armed and supported by secret organizations such as the Irgoun and the Stern gang. Palestine was virtually in a state of war with the British.

It was under these conditions that the Anglo-American Zionists published a threatening warning to the British Government by means of the Landman document. Addressing the British Government as if they were speaking to an equal, they said in effect:

    "You forget that you did not give us Palestine as an unsolicited gift (Balfour Declaration). It was handed over as the result of a secret bargain concluded between ourselves. We have scrupulously observed our part in bringing America into the war on your side. We call on you to fulfil your obligations in turn. You are aware of our power in the United States: take care that you do not attract the hostility of Israel, otherwise you will come up against grave international difficulties."

The publication of such a serious, revealing and compromising document was grossly imprudent, but it was also a calculated risk. Faced with the terrible menace of Hitler, the Jews were obliged to run risks, but on the other hand they were sure of themselves and of their power over the press in democratic countries. The document had to be published in order to effect the appropriate extortion from the British Government, but it was essential that it should on no account come to the knowledge of the general public. Consequently, the press in the western world kept silence, and the public remained in total ignorance of its existence. If it had been published at large, there might well have been a violent upheaval when it was discovered that the British and American Governments were acting under Israel's orders. The preparation of war against Hitler would have been singularly hindered. It is one thing to fight for the defence of one's own country. Fighting for Israel is another, much less inspiring prospect.

In conclusion, the Landman document demonstrates that the Jews are capable of exerting a considerable influence over public opinion and the American Government, and of bringing the USA into the war. It is a clear-cut case of a well organized minority orientating public opinion and manipulating it to its own liking. The Zionists themselves were surprised at the ease and rapidity with which they succeeded in overturning American opinion. It also shows that the world-wide influence of Jewish organizations vis-à-vis national governments is some considerable factor, since the former were able to discuss matters on an equal level with the Government of the British Empire, and finally conclude a deal with the latter on a reciprocal basis.

Thus the secret history of America's entry into the war in 1917 on the side of the Allies is revealed as the secret history of the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine - and both these events, it cannot be disputed, are of the utmost importance if one is to understand the evolution of the modern world.

Finally, it is a measure of the value of the press, which is supposed to be a source of objective information, and which is so avid for sensational news, that for thirty years it has maintained a total black-out on a document of absolutely capital importance, so that not so much as a whisper alluding to its existence has been made in the numerous histories of the First World War.

Doubtless, looking back, we may have reason to thank the Jews for pushing America into the war on our side in 1917, but in 1917 it was simply fortuitous that their interests coincided with those of the Allies. Today, in 1975, it is not so reassuring to learn that America's foreign policy is in the hands of a Jewish Zionist of German extraction, Dr. Henry Kissinger, the man who was first of all President Nixon's private adviser, and who was then promoted to Secretary of State.

Count Leon de Poncins, State Secrets, 1977

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Obama's credit card declined at New York restaurant | Z CREDIT = Never-ending digital fraud for POTUS | BRICS, Et Al "Real Money" No More Free Ride?!

U.S. President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Larry Downing)
U.S. President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Larry Downing)

US President Barack Obama insisted that he really has been paying his bills, after his credit card was turned down at a posh New York restaurant. First Lady Michelle was forced to pick up the tab following the hiccup.

Obama revealed the slip-up as he was signing a new anti-fraud order into law on Friday at the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau. The law will make chip and pin technology compulsory on all federal government credit and debit cards, the Huffington Post reported.

“It turned out I guess I don’t use it enough, so they thought there was some fraud going on. I was trying to explain to the waitress, ‘No really, I think that I’ve, uh, been paying my bills.’ So even I’m affected by this,” he quipped.

Although the president said the incident happened in New York, he didn’t specify where. However, it was previously reported that the Obamas visited the upmarket Estela restaurant in Manhattan last month.

The order, signed by President Obama on Friday, encompasses several steps which are designed to give Americans better protection from fraud – the fastest growing form of crime in the US.

In addition to making chip and pin mandatory for all government credit and debit cards – technology which has been in use for a number of years in Europe – the order also requires law enforcement agencies to send credit and debit card information that they believe to be compromised to a national “Internet Fraud Alert System.”
Chip and pin credit and debit cards will be introduced across the US from October 2015.

The restaurant incident was not the first time that Obama has experienced rejection. In August, the president was turned down by at least three exclusive New York golf clubs while visiting the area to attend an aide’s wedding.

Local TV channel WNBC reported that the clubs said they were not given enough notice and could not accommodate the president’s security team on one of their busiest days of the year. Nor did they wish to inconvenience their wealthy members who pay more than $100,000 a year in membership fees.>

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Keystone XL | Indian ~ Cowboy Alliance | Days of Darkness in America, Sparks of Hope

Currently in the United States, we live in an extremely polarized political sphere. People not only seek out news and op-eds that reinforce their own viewpoints, but also associate mainly with those who align with them politically in order to collectively and viciously demonize ‘the other side.’ The situation has gotten to the point where people view the policies of the opposing party as a threat to the nation. Globally, it seems that the landscape is even worse with problems arising in the Ukraine, the West once again embroiled in a war in the Middle East, and the knowledge that we’ve already seen irreversible damage due to climate change and are getting ever-closer to the 2017 deadline where climate change will truly be permanent. These are dark days; however, there is room for optimism. Around the world, we have seen unlikely political alliances that are working to fight for a better future.

The ‘Cowboy-Indian Alliance’

The ‘Cowboy-Indian Alliance’ made waves back in April 2014 when they led a five-day ‘Reject and Protect’ campaign in Washington D.C. against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The action was quite prominent, although the origins of the alliance haven’t fully been brought to light, nor has the historical importance of such an alliance.

Art Tanderup, a Nebraska farmer who has actively protested against Keystone XL, stated in an April 2014 interview that the alliance formed years ago due to the “common interests between farmers, ranchers and Native Americans in northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota. We’ve come together as brothers and sisters to fight this Keystone XL pipeline, because of the risk to the Ogallala Aquifer, to the land, to the health of the people.”

The pipeline is a common threat to both communities, as the Ogallala Aquifer, a water tablet located beneath the Great Plains, provides water for 2.3 million people. The pipeline also “threatens the Missouri River, which provides drinking water for probably a couple ‘nother million,” bringing the grand total to about five million people whose clean water supply is under threat due to the proposed construction. In addition, the aquifer also provides water for animals, livestock, and irrigation. All of this means that the pipeline threatens the health and economic stability of the Midwest.

For the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the Great Sioux Nation, there is historical significance as well. Tanderup stated in the interview that part of the pipeline’s route, as well as part of his farm, “is on the Ponca Trail of Tears from back in the 1870s, where Chief Standing Bear and his people were driven from the Niobrara area to Oklahoma.”

The extraction processes, such as tar sands mining and the refining and dilution processes, used to obtain the oil are extremely dangerous. Gary Dorr noted in the same interview that, before the oil extraction started, Fort Chip in Canada had “a negligible cancer rate” and now “[has] a cancer rate 400 times the national Canadian per capita average” and that “every single family [in Fort Chip] has cancer in their families.”

The alliance, while appearing unlikely on the surface, is rooted in history. It actually isn’t new, but is rather “a later incarnation of an alliance that was first formed in 1987 to prevent a Honeywell weapons testing range in the Black Hills, one of the most sacred sites in Lakota cosmology – where, in the 1970s, alliances successfully fended off coal and uranium mining.” This current movement is the continuation of a fight for the environment that protects people rather than profits.

This is also affecting Native American-White relations. Take the story of Mekasi Horinek, a member of the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma who is a Native rights and environmental activist.

When first hearing of the Cowboy-Indian Alliance, he was rather skeptical, saying “I’ve always been a little bit bitter toward white society” and “I’ve experienced a lot of racism-growing up on the res, living on the res. When I went to town, I was always treated differently than others.” However, with a little convincing from his mother, he eventually joined, realizing the cowboys “have that love and respect for the land the same that we do.”

This alliance is having far-reaching effects that go beyond just an environmental coalition. It “is beginning the dialogue not just about broken treaties, but about the long history of colonization, the effects of which are ongoing among some of the United States’ poorest populations.” This can be shown by the fact that both sides “hope the pipeline, which has caused them both much distress, will be a catalyst for reconciliation,” and that they “sense the reconciliation their work is a part of has a historic importance, something healing for both settlers and natives-and both feel that it is, in some way, destined to happen.”

Does this mean that everything will be smooth sailing between Native Americans and the descendants of settlers from here on out? Not in the slightest. However, it does offer some hope that a sort of reconciliation and reckoning will take place, changing the views of many so that they will aid the Native Americans in their fight for equal rights, as well as undo the damage done by over a century of mistreatment and cultural destruction.

Fighting For Peace in Palestine

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been ongoing since 1948, with both groups claiming the same land, and there is currently no end in sight. While the media promotes the narrative that both Palestinians and Israelis hate each other, there has been a large amount of support for the Palestinian cause as of late from Israelis and Jews.

For example, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network took an ad out in the New York Times, which was “signed by 40 Holocaust survivors and 287 descendants and other relatives” and “[called] for the blockade of Gaza to be lifted and Israel to be boycotted.” More specifically, the ad stated that they were “alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.” The ad concluded by arguing for collective action, reading: “We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people.”

Actions such as these are greatly important as they prove that not all Jewish people support the Israeli war machine and the wanton slaughter of innocent Palestinians.

There were also solidarity actions in Israel itself. However, it seems that it is increasingly dangerous to be anti-war in Israel as there have not only been attacks by right-wing nationalists, but the Israeli government itself cracked down on anti-war demonstrations. It even went so far as to attempt to use the IDF to ban anti-war protests , proclaiming that the police must obey IDF Home Front Command orders. These orders “[do] not permit large gatherings in public during times of conflict,” which results in people being unable to protest.

There is also increasing support for an end to the conflict in Palestine as well. In June, it was noted that most Palestinians wanted a unity government and a narrow majority favored “peace talks and peaceful coexistence with Israel.” An August 2014 poll in Gaza revealed that a majority supported a long-term truce with Israel, even as they opposed the disarmament of the strip.

While the fight for an end to the conflict and the creation of a fully sovereign Palestinian state will continue to be a long and arduous one, it is still good to know that people support peace and are able to reach across lines to form solidarity movements. 

Solidarity of the Suppressed

Around the world, minority communities are subject to unjust persecution in many societies – persecution which can range from discrimination and a lack or nonexistence of a political voice to outright brutalization and murder by security forces and intense repression. While oppressed groups have fought for their rights individually, rarely have we seen such groups show solidarity with one another and provide support for each other. With help from social media, this seems to be changing.

Black-Palestinian Solidarity

An inspiring alliance has formed between Black people in the US and Palestinians in Gaza, each of whom have shown solidarity with one another in their struggles.

To make the situation much more relatable for African-Americans, in May 2014, Kristian Davis Bailey penned the article Why Black People Must Stand With Palestine in which he noted that police brutality faced by Blacks and other minorities is directly related to the violence in Palestine as “Since 2001, thousands of top police officials from cities across the US have gone to Israel for training alongside its military or have participated in joint exercises here.” Both communities experience systemic mass incarceration as well:

“Forty percent of Palestinian men have been arrested and detained by Israel at some point in their lives. (To put this in perspective, the 2008 figure for Blacks was 1 in 11.) Israel maintains policies of detaining and interrogating Palestinian children that bear resemblance to the stop and frisk policy and disproportionate raids and arrests many of our youth face.” The problems of Black people in the US and Palestinians in Gaza are intimately related as the security forces of both countries work together to develop tactics to oppress and brutalize our communities.

In 2012, Jemima Pierre of Black Agenda Report took a historical look of the situation that is still relevant today, noting that many black leaders spoke out in support of the Palestinian cause. Specifically she made mention that
“Palestine was an important issue during the Black Power years as radicals identified with and embraced the anti-colonial struggle against Israel. Huey Newton, even under allegations of anti-Semitism, stated, “…we are not against the Jewish people. We are against that government that will persecute the Palestinian people…The Palestinian people are living in hovels, they don’t have any land, they’ve been stripped and murdered; and we cannot support that for any reason.”
Alice Walker made the direct connection of the Palestinian plight to the Black experience: “Going through Israeli checkpoints is like going back in time to the American Civil Rights struggle.” By supporting the Palestinian people, Black people today are only continuing the pro-human rights legacy that has been set by many black leaders before them.
Palestinians have reciprocated in the form of supporting the people of Ferguson in their protests against the police. Al Jazeera reported that “Local authorities in Ferguson have begun responding to nightly protests with tear gas and rubber bullets. Palestinians on Twitter could relate, and shared words and images of support with the US protesters.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued a statement of support with Black people, saying that the organization “salutes and stands firmly with the ongoing struggle of Black people and all oppressed communities in the United States” and quoted Khaled Barakat, a Palestinian writer and activist, as saying the fight against US brutality around the world is linked, and that, “When we see the images today in Ferguson, we see another emerging Intifada in the long line of Intifada and struggle that has been carried out by Black people in the US and internationally.”
Solidarity between Palestinians and Blacks is important and noteworthy as it shows international solidarity against oppressive social structures and governments as well as forms a space where the two groups can discuss and interact with one another, from promoting awareness about each other’s plights to exchanging resistance tactics.

Black-Asian Solidarity

The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans issued a statement of solidarity with Ferguson, saying, in part that, “our own communities’ histories in the United States include violence and targeting, often by law enforcement.” While a statement may not seem like much, it is rather important as it notes the history of white supremacy and how that ideology is an enemy of all non-whites, no matter their actual skin color.

Soya Jung argued that what is going on in Ferguson mattered to Asian Americans as while Asians “do not move through the world in the crosshairs of a policing system that has its roots in slave patrols, or in a nation that has used me as an ‘object of fear’ to justify state repression and public disinvestment from the infrastructure on which my community relies,” the situation is still important due, firstly, to han.

Jung explains han as a word in Korean culture that “loosely means ‘the sorrow and anger that grow from the accumulated experiences of oppression” that has been “expressed in protests against Japanese colonial rule in 1919, in the struggle for self-determination as the Korean war broke out in 1950, during student protests against the oppressive U.S.-backed South Korean government in 1960, and again during the democratic uprising in Kwangju in 1980.” This anger against a racist system of oppression and its importance to Jung’s identity is partly what connects the histories of Black and Asian America.

She then notes that Black rage “serves as a beacon when faced with the racial quandary that Asian Americans must navigate” with regards to “the invisibility of Asian death and the denial of any form of Asian American identity that doesn’t play by the model minority rulebook.”

Jaya Sundaresh took a broader view of the subject, in part discussing anti-blackness in the Asian community, writing that South Asian Americans must “work towards change in our own communities so that we do not inadvertently work to reinforce anti-black racism in this country, which is at the root of the police brutality which murdered Michael Brown.” She urged others to talk with their “South Asian friends and families about Ferguson, why it is important that we stop perpetuating or staying silent on racist views in our communities, why we should vocally support those in the African-American community who are working towards change, and why we should stop keeping silent when our white friends and colleagues find ways to justify Darren Wilson’s murder of Michael Brown.”

The solidarity between Blacks and Asians serves as an important avenue to hash out problems and tensions that exist between the communities, with hopes of eliminating those tensions and working together to strike back against racist oppression.


Do all of these solidarity actions and statements mean that things are now okay? That Native Americans and settlers will get along, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end anytime soon, or that institutionalized and internalized racism will be dismantled? Unfortunately not. However, what these alliances do represent are sparks of hope that suggest we, as people, can put aside superficial differences and come together in an attempt to radically change the situation we currently find ourselves in.

These alliances, whether they are in the form of solidarity statements or marches, articles or tweets, should give people courage and nourishment to continue the fight for freedom and equality.

The world constantly seems like it is going to hell, and many feel that they may give up at any moment, but, to quote Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, “do not go gentle into that good night” instead one must “rage, rage against the dying light.”

The light is almost dead and the clock has nearly struck midnight, but this is the chance for everyone to give it their very best. If we are going to go down, let’s go down swinging. Let’s give ‘em hell!

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Platform For Monetary Reform By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Brother Nathanael October 16, 2014 @ 8:47 pm Copyright 2014 ><

  • Money is the life blood of the economy but our money is diseased.

    Our whole society has a pathological blood disorder with diseased money making laws, jobs, courts, everything sick.

    Our money is a debt scam run by Jewish shysters.

    These are facts you can verify. Jews head the Fed. 

    Look at the names: Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Fischer.

    Now, there are two battles being fought: monetary policy and fiscal policy. 

    Monetary policy comes first. It’s who creates our money. Fiscal policy comes second. It’s how government spends the money.

    Who makes our money? It says the government right on the bill. But it’s actually the Jews who make it, not the ‘United States Of America.’

    IF the government DID make our money it wouldn’t have to borrow it and there’d be no national debt.

    In 1913, Warburg, Schiff, Rothschild, Untermeyer, blackmailed and bribed politicians with perks, insider tips, and bennies to give them the power to create money AT INTEREST on debt.

    This is one of the greatest crimes in the history of man.

    Now, the Jewish bankers love the Austrian School—an economic scheme with a Jewish stamp—because it opposes government regulation of their crimes.

    Austrians also claim that fiat money is bad because it creates inflation. 

    That’s a crock. 

    Historically gold standard money has always been largely fiat paper. We were on the gold standard in the ‘roaring’ 20’s. It didn’t slow inflation down at all. That’s why we call the 20’s ‘roaring.’

    Fiat money is only bad if its quantity is controlled by bankers for their profit.

    But it can be good like the greenback if its quantity is controlled by the government. Historically, the American government has a perfectly transparent record of issuing the legally allocated amount.

    Either way fiat money is necessary. You can’t operate credit cards, ATM’s, and debit cards without electronic fiat money.

    I’m calling for a Nationalist Convention on Monetary Reform to replace our sick money with healthy money.

    The platform I’m presenting is the Chicago Plan which is already widely recognized by economists.

    Michael Kumhof of the IMF recently gave a paper on the Chicago Plan which made a big splash in financial circles.

    Martin Wolf of the Financial Times came out for the Chicago Plan. He took flak.

    And Dennis Kucinich sponsored legislation based on the Chicago Plan.

    [Clip: “I propose legislation that will put the Fed under Treasury. Legislation that will enable the United States government to not have to borrow money from banks.”]

    This is a band wagon fighting to get lined up. We need to pile it on and help organize it.

    Occupy backs it. Bill Still and Ellen Brown support it.

    Here’s the Plan. 

    The government takes over the Fed from the Jews.

    The Treasury creates US dollars without borrowing anything. Borrowing becomes unnecessary. National debt disappears.

    The government spends or lends the new money into circulation. 

    Elected officials, not Jewish bankers, periodically adjust the quantity issued. That controls inflation based on fixed legal formulas, not on banker profits.

    Under the Chicago Plan, banks can’t create US dollars any more. They need to get them the hard way, through earnings just like we do, or through deposits.

    They can’t lend money they pretend to have.

    The government stops selling bonds, like T-Bills, and redeems the old ones with the new money.

    Look, people with no jobs don’t have money. We want to get money into their hands and collection agencies off their backs.

    One way is by funding the rebuilding of our decaying infrastructure, creating jobs; giving low interest loans to small businesses; refinancing student loans at lower interest; and making student loans eligible for bankruptcy.

    Another way is through direct distribution. This may be necessary with all our jobs offshored or taken over by robots. Economies need purchasing power—money in the hands of the people—to succeed.

    But first comes monetary policy…how our money is created. It’s in the interests of both conservatives and liberals.

    We can have a truce on fiscal policy long enough to get monetary policy passed.

    Monetary Reform is the mother of all reform. Without it Jews will continue to rule the world.

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  • DPRK Human Rights Briefing at UN October 7, 2014 Challenges US Unending War Strategy | North Korea Challenges America’s Unending War Strategy at the United Nations

    > > The briefing held at the United Nations by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Tuesday, October 7 was an opportunity to hear the… weiter lesen


    > <The briefing held at the United Nations by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on...GlobalResearch 2014-10-17

    21 Century Wire VIRAL SIEGE: Ebola Fear Campaign & Cover-Up Masks Truth About Outbreak | World bank whistleblower Karen Hudes on the criminal banking cartels and how to stop them |

    >> 21 Century Wire<< 

    Thursday, October 16, 2014

    FASCIST STATES OF AMERICA | HOW did "IT" Happen!? | Holocaust Survivors Made To Order | Master Race Rises From Ashes To Worst Of Homo Sapiens Species In HI STORY!

    POLICE are subterranean manufactured FASCISTS.


    Homo Sapiens have INTUITION.  This POWERFUL POWER all by the energy in and of the power, is how there is NO SEPARATION.  Those that have constructed World Earth in the current FASCIST model, are not new to this GAME.

    Those that have DECIDED that they are not with all them-they-THE "LOWER CLASSES", well please.

    We are one species that has been grown into a bewildered herd via ?

    We don't know the answer to the question:  CONTROLLERS OF WORLD EARTH.

    Conspiracy theory?  Theories are words of Homo Sapiens, so the writing says.


    Big job alright.  Sad the majority of populations of the world earth are mostly already MATRIX batteries.

    Yin Yang and Yang Yin the PIVOTAL POINT always decides.  Get ready!

    FENG SHUI and then the SYMBOLS-WORDS-IMAGERY-WHATEVER We Species Homo Sapiens have POWERS!  POWERS:  Common Sense, Total Recall, Photographic Memory, Kinetic Orchestration, Shape Shifting, Invisible Form, Space Mobility, All Languages, Infinite Energy, Et Al, Et Cetera!  WTFU America!  Those that thought they were and are "more better" than those that are NOT better.  George W. Bush, "Jr" said:  HAVES versus HAVE NOTS.  What a Fascist the moron was made to order via the Fascists that have now been found to be guilty of TREASON.  Time to change the menu of cannibals eating their own.


    > <   

    > < point critical rebalancing

    Monday, October 13, 2014

    Israel, Here Comes The End | "This is the END! ~The End My Only Friend The End" | APARTHEID ~ GENOCIDE ET CETERA

    By Gilad Atzmon >>  An Israeli Facebook page launched earlier this month to assist Israelis in escaping their apocalypse through migration has now gone viral reaching more than 700,000 Israelis. It is called Olim Le-Berlin,  ‘Ascending to Berlin,’ using the same positive Hebrew expression ‘Aliya’ attributed to the Jewish Diaspora emigrating to Israel.

    Apparently, the confident Zio-patriotic balloon has been burst by a few Palestinian rockets landing in Tel Aviv. In truth, this implosion is occurring because the Jewish State is an inconvincible concept. As much as the Jews yearned to return to their phantasmic ‘homeland,’ they failed to make Palestine into a true home.

    On the contrary, Israel has become the definitive showcase of every problematic Jewish ideological and cultural trait: it is racially supremacist, it is exclusive, it is an abusive ghetto suffocated with goy hatred, and its treatment of its own people and especially its poor is despicable.
    Yesterday, I learned from Israeli TV Arutz 2 that the migration campaign organizers have applied directly to German Kanzlerin  Angela Merkel to request 25,000 temporary work visas. They did so in response to more than 9000 calls from desperate Israelis. Some Israeli patriots are clearly devastated by the recent dash to mass migration, they labeled the new campaign as an “insult to all Holocaust survivors.” “See you in the gas chambers,” commented one critic on the Facebook page. If any of these WMD obsessed Israelis really want to witness the way in which my exile Israeli friends interact artistically with me, jazz chambers rather than ‘gas chambers’ is probably the best place to do so. 
    According to Israeli officials, the number of Israeli ‘deserters’ is offset by incoming Jews from Eastern Europe, America and France, who tend to be “more religious and right-wing.” Israeli officials also admit that Western metropolitans are more attractive to Israeli secular and educated youngsters. A growing numbers of educated Israelis understand that Israel’s fate is pretty much sealed. It is crucial to remember that for more than a few years, Israelis of European descent have been queuing at German, Hungarian and Polish consulates for foreign passports. Their Sephardi brothers are also eagerly awaiting for the Spanish parliament to approve a plan to grant nationality to no less than three million Sephardi Jews. 

    The take home message is devastatingly clear. Israel has now officially entered its final terminal phase. The catastrophic situation has entered into Israeli collective awareness. Israelis are now running for their lives and they have good reason to believe that Europe will soon close its gates to avoid the Hebrew tsunami.  

    Predictably, it wasn’t the watery Soros funded  ‘non-violent’ BDS movement that brought the Jewish State to its end. It was effectuated by authentic Palestinian resistance; an Islamic motivated willingness to fight and a fierce determination to win. It is the ability to send a ballistic message to Tel Aviv and Haifa that delivers the unmistakable message to Israelis that they are dwelling on stolen land.  

    Again, we see that it doesn’t take much for the Jews to reveal their flimsy ideological and spiritual bond to nationhood. If the IDF and Zionism initially inspired the fearless Jewish combative warrior; a few sirens in Tel Aviv revealed the feeble nature of Israel’s ideological bond and the depth of Israeli hedonistic inclinations. 

    From a psychoanalytical perspective, it may be that the murderous barbarism Israel exhibited in every recent round of violence is the result of a desperate attempt to conceal the weakness and the crumbliness of Jewish nationalism.   

    Recently, the Jewish theologian Marc Ellis concluded that my writing should be grasped within the context of the canonical work of the Hebrew prophets. Although flattered by Ellis’ observation, I don’t agree with his analysis. I am an essentialist thinker. Fifteen years ago I published my first novel, Guide To The Perplexed. The futuristic fiction tells the story of the collapse of Israel in the 2030’s exactly as described above. It tells the story of Hebrew refugees invading the streets of Berlin. Read the 2001 Amazon blurb and judge for yourself:

    “The year is 2052, and the state of Israel has been defunct for 40 years, the majority of its citizens having become refugees overseas. Gunther (Wünker) loves European, especially German, women and soon leaves Israel to find fame, fortune and fornication in Germany…A darkly funny reflection on the dangers of racial purity and the position of the outsider in Western Europe…” (

    Be aware, Guide To The Perplexed was written by the young libidinal me; it is filthy and horny as well as philosophical and funny. I was described as a  ‘cum philosopher’ at the time. If you are prudish or sensitive you may want to skip this title.

    The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity politics and Jewish Power in particular - available on  &

    "This is the END!  ~The End My Only Friend The End"


    Lurking, twisted, broken, shattered, EGO-CONTAMINATED

    Wholly NOT partially-whole!

    HOLY SHIT BATMAN, Artificiality Rules

    BENEATH EARTH the story told-tells

    dogs in PAVLOV'S laboratories
    all by the natural FLOODING that washed away the

    Modern Day Evil is not new

    is the real true truth!?!


    do we address the real true truth?!


    The evolution has begun AND IT is in our MIND/s, revolutionize the THINKING STUFF and let the energy cleanse HOLY vibrations ...

    Grand Taoist Master