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Small Investors Just Proved Why Fed’s ‘Wealth Effect’ Is Bogus | JEB BUSH examines "Bill of Rights" ?! | "OPM" | Other People's Money ? | NO, Federal Reserve System [Fed] CRIMINAL FRAUD

Small Investors Just Proved Why Fed’s ‘Wealth Effect’ Is Bogus by Wolf Richter

The American public is astute about a lot of things, but the stock market – despite all the hoopla in the media and even on NPR – apparently isn’t one of them. That’s what the Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index survey found.

And it raises some thorny issues about the Fed’s strategy to print a few trillion dollars and force interest rates down to near zero in order, as it said, to inflate stocks and other financial assets, thereby triggering the “wealth effect,” which would stimulate the Main Street economy. This is, of course, precisely what has not happened. And the American investing public just told us why.

The survey asked American investors with $10,000 or more in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or in a self-directed IRA or 401(k) – so not the entire American public but only those who have a stake in the markets – to comment on a number of basic topics, but here’s the one that stuck out the most:
As far as you know, how did US stocks perform on average in 2013 – did they increase in value, stay about the same, or decrease?
(If increased): Which of the following do you think comes closest to the overall increase in the US stock market in 2013 – was it up 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50%?
It so happened that in 2013, the S&P 500 chalked up a total return, including dividends, of over 32%. It was the most phenomenal year since 1997, when it had zoomed up 33%. So it’s not exactly a common event. And it should have entered into the consciousness of the investing public who’d presumably benefitted from it. But it didn’t.

A mere 7% of the investors got it right.
One can only imagine how the overall American public, including the tens of millions of folks who’re just scraping by and have zero stake in the financial markets, would have performed on the pop quiz.

To their credit, 64% of the investing public believed that there had been at least some gains, even if way below the actual gains, with the bulge bracket (37%) figuring that stocks had gained 10% in 2013. But 21% thought stocks had remained flat, and 9% of the investors thought stocks had declined!

The survey made clear to the respondents that it was about the stock market, not their personal portfolio. But could people really distinguish? Wouldn’t it impact their judgment about the overall market if their 401(k) had been whittled away by fees and bad decisions whose holes weren’t papered over with new contributions? Maybe. But in the statistics, they would have been overpowered by the other investors who watched their statements gain weight during the course of the year.

So then the survey asked directly how knowledgeable they were about investing in the market. Thankfully, only 11% described themselves as “highly knowledgeable,” but 56% thought they were “somewhat knowledgeable” though almost none of them could pinpoint one of the most basic facts of investing, namely how much stocks had soared last year. And 33% were honest, considering themselves “not knowledgeable.”

Whatever this survey says about American investors with more than $10,000 in the financial markets, it speaks volumes about the Fed’s favorite policy goal, the “wealth effect.”

The Fed claimed that by inflating asset prices, it would make Americans feel wealthier, and thus induce them to spend more money, which would crank up the Main Street economy and solve all problems. OK, sales of luxury goods, expensive cars, corporate jets, yachts, and the like responded very well. Sales of other goods not so much.

Why? Because the majority of Americans didn’t benefit at all from rising stock and bond prices because they had no stake in the markets; they were busy trying to find jobs and make ends meet. And even most of those who benefited from the rising stock prices by having a stake in the markets weren’t sufficiently aware of it, or weren’t aware of it at all, according to the survey. Maybe they simply didn’t have enough money in the markets to make a real difference in their lives.

The Fed has known about this all along. It knew that the wealth effect would do nothing or very little for most Americans who were much more impacted by the concomitant reduction in real wages. It knew that that the wealth effect would do nothing to crank up the Main Street economy. For the Fed, it was just a pretext for engineering the greatest wealth transfer of all times and for whatever other goals it wanted to accomplish. And America’s investing public just pointed that out again.

And the fact that most investors are in the fog about the markets they invest in, the risks and rewards they face, the rip-offs they encounter, the fees they pay… is the reason Wall Street gets away with its game for as long as it does.

And the game has been honed to perfection. Everyone is playing along. And it performs miracles. Or it did. Because just now, it inexplicably conked out. With major consequences. Read…. The Wall Street Hype Machine Suddenly Breaks Down<<

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, NYPL President Tony Marx, and National Constitution Chairman Jeb Bush examine the Library's original copy of the Bill of Rights.

Credit: Julie StapenMAY 22 – Members of the public in both New York City and Pennsylvania will soon get to see The New York Public Library’s original copy of the Bill of Rights, which will be exhibited for the first time in decades.

The Library and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania today announced an agreement to share display of the national treasure, which has been preserved in The New York Public Library’s collections since 1896. The document will go on public display alternately at The New York Public Library and in Pennsylvania beginning in fall 2014 (the year marks the 225th anniversary of the document being drafted and proposed by Congress).

[sidebar:  The Federal Reserve System (Fed} has been around long enough to test the baptism via fire.  We know in the United States, those that have been fried again and again, how to pay attention to the burning while the fires rage-rage against the sanity of reality.  The Fed makes up debt and sells this to the Americans via the government that is the Fed's "agents" for the obvious.  Stocks.  The human beings in the USA are stock options and that's all folks.  Get out of line in the stock option conveyor belt and bye-bye you're nothing but, a slab of gone flesh into the fire of cremation.  Lots of humans were born for this, read the BIBLE that was and is written by those that own the Fed.  GENERAL WELFARE.  That was what the U.S. Constitution said is the GOOD LAW, just one small protective force.  But, the Fed stole the right for the USA to be "sovereign".  Now that was definitely not legal, but the stock in the USA are conditioned now to bank on the criminal fraud.  Stocks of dumb animals are simply stocks of dumb animals

... to be continued ....]

Ferguson Killing Exposes the Reality Of Militarized, Racist Policing directed against African Americans | Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers | Global Research | Popular Resistance

We’re pleased to see that the Obama Justice Department has finally announced a broad review of police practices. Throughout President Obama’s tenure there have been regular killings of African Americans. Finally the DOJ announced they will review police practices that lead to abuse. Among the areas they will examine is the use of deadly force, police encounters with the mentally ill and new technologies being used by police. People should feel free to contact the Department of Justice with their concerns (their email is For democracy to work, people need to participate, be involved and express their views.

This is a teachable moment for the nation that presents an opportunity to transform policing so it serves the people.

The killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, MO police officer, who was identified Friday as Darren Wilson, and the aftermath in which nonviolent protesters and reporters were met with a violent and militarized police force have exposed something that has been building for years. Many have written about the militarization of the police and the disproportionate impact they have on people of color, but now more Americans are seeing this reality and cannot escape it.

Michael Brown is one of four unarmed black men killed in the last month by police. On July 17, Eric Garner was killed by an illegal chokehold in New York. On August 5, John Crawford was shot in a store in Beavercreek, OH. Just after Brown’s death, on August 9 Ezell Ford, a young man with known mental illness, was shot in Los Angeles. These are four examples of many, according to a recent study, a black man is killed every 28 hours by police, security guards or vigilantes. The whole nation is experiencing these tragedies; reality is being forced upon us.

Riot police clear demonstrators from a street in Ferguson

The public reaction to the event has been immense. On Thursday evening protests were held from coast-to-coast expressing solidarity with the people of Ferguson and grief for the death of Michael Brown and the deaths of others across the nation killed by police. There are now increasing calls for the demilitarization of the police by the Attorney General and elected officials. And, the DOJ has announced a broad review of police practices that lead to deadly force. People are taking action pressuring the DOJ to act, see: Tell The Department of Justice to end racist and militaristic policing.

Ferguson police used tear gas, rubber bullets and sound cannons against unarmed residents.

This is a teachable moment and an opportunity to advance the cause of transforming the police. Hundreds of thousands of Americans watched events unfold in Ferguson. They saw the police tear gassing a community in mourning, firing at them with rubber bullets and using sound canons to disperse them. They saw military-style police chase them into neighborhoods where they continued to fire tear gas and rubber bullets. They saw reporters abused and arrested as a SWAT team took over a McDonald’s where they were reporting from and other reporters attacked with tear gas and then the police dismantling the journalist’s equipment.

These events led to news outlets reporting on the actions of the police with even greater intensity. In response to the arrest of one of their reporters, Ryan Grim wrote an official Huffington Post statement about the journalist’s arrest which made a key point: “Police militarization has been among the most consequential and unnoticed developments of our time.” The police in Ferguson did an excellent job of drawing the nation’s attention to the reality of 21st Century policing and the need to dramatically change its direction.

The rhetoric of a “war” on drugs and “war” on crime is no longer mere rhetoric. Over the last few decades police forces in the United States, down to small town forces, have been militarized by the federal government.  Militarization has been part of the escalating clampdown on dissent; and the targets of these extreme policing practices are disproportionately communities of color.  Practices like ‘stop and frisk’ and ‘driving while black,’ as well as policies focused on Arabs and Muslims, have shown that racially-based policing is the intentional policy of police across the country.

Much of this has been growing in police departments in secret without transparency or public debate. Would the public want a militarized police force if they had a voice in the decision? Without a democratic process, the US has essentially created a standing army that violates the fundamentals of the US Constitution. The military police force applies the law unequally, violating equal protection of the laws and undermining the justice system as police take on the role of judge and executioner.

How Did We Get Here?

Racist policing is not new. As Victor E. Kappeler points out, “the St. Louis police were founded to protect residents from Native Americans in that frontier city” and “in 1704, the colony of Carolina developed the nation’s first slave patrol.” These patrols developed into the first police departments.  The purpose of the first police was to control the slave population and protect the property interests of slave holders. This disastrous racial legacy continues to this day.

Ferguson is not unusual when it comes to racially unfair policing, tensions between police and the African American community has been building for years. For a community that is 2/3 African American, there are only three black officers on the 53 person police force.  According to the Missouri Attorney General annual report on policing, although blacks make up 63% of the population of Ferguson, they make up 86% of police stops. Blacks are almost two times as likely to be searched and are arrested twice as often as whites although whites are more likely to possess contraband. While these are ugly statistics, the state of Missouri is even worse.The NAACP sued St. Louis for the racial disparity in its traffic stops. One resident told the Washington Post: “Everybody in this city has been a victim of DWB [driving while black].”

Six ton armored vehicle with 14 foot steel battering used by LAPD SWAT team in drug raids, Photo by Jack Gaunt for Los Angles Times
Six ton armored vehicle with 14 foot steel battering used by LAPD SWAT team in drug raids, Photo by Jack Gaunt for Los Angles Times

The militarization of police is a more recent phenomenon.  Peter Kraska of the University of Eastern Kentucky has been writing about this since the early 1990s. He documents the rapid rise of Police Paramilitary Units (PPU’s, informally SWAT teams) which are modeled after special operations teams in the military.  PPU’s did not exist anywhere until 1971 when Los Angeles under the leadership of the infamous police chief Daryl Gates, formed the first one and used it for demolishing homes with tanks equipped with battering rams.  By 2000, there were 30,000 police SWAT teams; Kraska reports that by the late 1990s, 89% of police departments in cities of over 50,000 had PPUs, almost double the mid-80s figure; and in smaller towns of between 25,000 and 50,000 by 2007, 80% had a PPU quadrupling from 20% in the mid-80s.

And Kraska reported that SWAT teams were active with 45,000 deployments in 2007 compared to 3,000 in the early 80s.  The most common use he found was for serving drug search warrants where they were used 80% of the time, but they were also increasingly used for patrolling neighborhoods. These numbers are consistent with a recent report by the ACLU.

Another important chronicler of the rise of militarism in policing is Radley Balko, author of Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.  He reported a “1,500% increase in the use of SW AT teams over the last two decades” and wrote in the ABA Journalin 2013that “SWAT teams violently smash into private homes more than 100 times per day.” Their use of flash-bang grenades has caused injuries to children and a seven year old was shot and killed in her sleep when a SWAT team forced entry into the wrong house. There are many examples of similar abuses.

Colin Jenkins points out in Coming Home to Roost: American Militarism, War Culture, and Police Brutality, that this was a gradual process. There was never a debate about militarizing the police but instead a series of decisions around the late 60s protest movement, the drug war and post 9/11 policing. The trend became particularly noticeable in the 1980s when the Reagan-era drug war created exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act, a Reconstruction Era law that kept the military out of domestic enforcement. This is when SWAT teams began to be used to serve drug search warrants. The post-9/11 era gave police even greater power under the Patriot Act and seemingly unlimited resources to fight terrorism. Of course militarized police have rarely been used to fight domestic terrorism because there really is not much terrorism in the US to fight.

Jenkins points out billions of dollars of military equipment have flowed to police departments across the country: “They possess everything from body armor to high-powered weaponry to tanks, armored vehicles, and even drones.” He asks why, pointing out that it is not because of safety, noting there are 50 fatalities annually out of 900,000 officers nationwide. That is 1 out of 18,000 police maliciously killed each year (the odds of being killed by lightning in your lifetime are 1 out of 3,000).  He blames the US war culture and believes police have become militaristic because they have shifted from defense to offense where they aggressively confront and repress the people, rather than protect and serve the community.

Arlington, Texas SWAT team destroyed an organic farm looking for marijuana, found none, August 2013. AFP Photo by Kevork Djansezian
Arlington, Texas SWAT team destroyed an organic farm looking for marijuana, found none, August 2013. AFP Photo by Kevork Djansezian

The problem may also be compounded by programs such as the Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Hiring our Heroes,’ that intentionally seek out active military and veterans to work in police departments. The DoJ has a program called ‘COPS’ that fast tracks members of the military into police work. The San Antonio Police Departments boasts that military personnel transition smoothly into police work. Perhaps it is because they are using the same equipment and techniques. This raises concerns about what effect police work in a militarized environment has on veterans who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Then there is the problem of police steroid use which has psychological impact, i.e. “roid rage.”

Military instruction of police officers may also contribute to the more aggressive tactics being deployed in our communities. The ACLU reports that the National Guard is training police, and there are also training programs hosted by the Israeli Defense Force.

Newsweek reports that the military equipment is the result of the bloated US military. Their budget is more than half of US discretionary spending and in 1990 Congress included in the National Defense Authorization Act a provision, Section 1033, that allowed DoD to transfer equipment the military no longer needed to federal and state agencies to help fight the drug war.

The ACLU reports that $4.3 billion in equipment has been transferred through this section. The program includes 17,000 law enforcement agencies from all states and territories. The program expanded from $1 million in 1990 to nearly $450 million in 2013. The waste in DoD budgets is exemplified by the fact that 36% of the property transferred was never even used by the military.

The ACLU examined 20 state’s with 800 SWAT teams over 2011-2012. They found “a total of 15,054 items of battle uniforms or personal protective equipment received by 63 responding agencies . . . and it is estimated that 500 law enforcement agencies have received Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles built to resist[ant] armor piercing roadside bombs.” Because the primary use of SWAT teams (79% of the time) was for drug searches, their report concluded that militarized police primarily impact people of color. When police have this type of equipment, it should not be surprising that they use it and their operations become more militaristic.

It is important to emphasize that we got to this point without public debate. In fact efforts to gather information on militarized policing and SWAT teams are often blocked. In Massachusetts, the ACLU group Privacy SOS, attempted to gather information through public records requests. They were told the SWAT teams were exempt because they were private entities, Law Enforcement Councils, not subject to open records laws. They will not even tell basic information like how many raids they have conducted.

A Phoenix-area SWAT team shot and killed one man during a 'dynamic entry' (break the door down) drug raid
A lot of the para-military law enforcement activities are conducted with multi-agency task forces that also lack transparency. Privacy SOS found the work was done through the New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (NEHIDTA). When documents were requested, they were denied with the rational that “HIDTAs are not legal entities capable of possessing any information. Rather, HIDTAs are coalitions that serve ministerial and administrative functions. Any information that passes through a HIDTA remains the sole property of the originating agency, and NOT the property of the HIDTA.” Privacy SOS points out that militarization of police has gone hand-in-hand with the federalization of local police and neither change has been part of any public debate. The police are ruling themselves, rather than being ruled by the people in any democratic way.

Another area where militarized police are used is in cracking down on political dissent. During the occupy encampments there was aggressive use of militarized police across the country as part of the forced closing of the encampments. Again, this occurs in part through federalization of local policing operating as part of Joint Terrorism Task Forces with federal agencies like the FBI or Homeland Security.  It not only affected Occupy but the military was on call for both the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 2012 again operating with local police under the auspices of the Joint Terrorism Task Forces as part of the military’s Northern Command.

What is needed to end militarized policing?

A December 2013 Reason Rupe poll found that 58% of Americans agree that police are going too far when they use all of this military equipment. Now that people have been exposed to the abuses in Ferguson, these numbers will grow. We can see the growth of opposition to the militarization of police and racially discriminatory policing in the coast-to-coat protests that occurred this week.

Military veterans are speaking out. Paul Szoldra a retired Marine who served in Afghanistan, understands why you need camouflage in a military operation, but not in a police operation and concludes “it seems that some police officers have shed the blue uniform and have put on the uniform and gear of the military, bringing the attitude along with it.” He writes that the message of soldiers wearing this gear in Afghanistan was: “’We are a military force, and we are in control right now.’ Many Afghans saw us as occupiers.” What is the message US police are sending the communities they are supposed to ‘protect and serve’?

Andrew Exum, a former Army infantry officer summarized the situation in a tweet: “The militarization of law enforcement is counter-productive to domestic policing and needs to stop.” We expect this is where public opinion is quickly moving in the United States. So, what can be done to correct the situation, to demilitarize and bring back common sense to policing?

Seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was shot to death by a SWAT officer during a midnight raid in Detroit, moments after a flashbang grenade lit her blanket on fire.
Seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was shot to death by a SWAT officer during a midnight raid in Detroit, moments after a flashbang grenade lit her blanket on fire.

There are growing calls for demilitarization of policing since events have unfolded in Ferguson  by Attorney General Holder and US Senators.  Rep. Henry Johnson (D-GA) has sent a “Dear Colleague” letter inviting Members to join him in restricting the flow of military equipment to police departments.  He writes:
“We should be concerned that we are giving away unprecedented amounts of military equipment and creating incentives for local police to use it in order to conduct ordinary law enforcement activities. That is why I will soon introduce “Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act” to reform the program.  My bill will do two things. (1) It will limit the type of equipment that can be transferred; (2) It will require that states certify that they can account for all equipment.”
We’re pleased to see that the Obama Justice Department has finally announced a broad review of police practices. Throughout President Obama’s tenure there have been regular killings of African Americans. Finally the DOJ announced they will review police practices that lead to abuse. Among the areas they will examine is the use of deadly force, police encounters with the mentally ill and new technologies being used by police. People should feel free to contact the Department of Justice with their concerns (their email is For democracy to work, people need to participate, be involved and express their views.

Some are fighting the battle of race-based police killings in the international arena. Ron Davis, the parent of another slain young black man, is angry over unpunished murders of young black men across the country. He is using the 85th meeting of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Geneva, Switzerland to pressure Washington to stop “the criminalization of race” in America. At the meeting the US will be forced to answer questions about the issue in an effort to hold the US responsible.

We wrote an article for the Green Shadow Cabinet on what a healthy response to a disaster like the murder of a young black man would be. Instead of militarized police raising tensions in a traumatized community, police and other government agencies would support peaceful protests; there would be greater transparency about the details and an investigation into the incident and social workers and psychologists would be made available to community members.

We concur with recommendations made by the ACLU, which we summarize:

Police reforms must be systemic as this is not just a few bad apples, but a nationwide policing problem.
The federal government has the power to ensure that military equipment is not used in routine policing situations, like drug searches or street patrols, but limited to truly dangerous situations, e.g. barricades, hostage situations or active shooters.  The federal government holds the purse strings and controls military equipment so they can have a big influence by curtailing or even stopping the flow of military equipment to states.

State and local governments should limit the use of SWAT teams to appropriate situations. Standards should be clearly set so subjective decisions by police do not result in misuse of SWAT teams.

Police stand next to a SWAT robot in Sanford, Maine, during a media demonstration. AP Photo by Robert F. Bukaty
SWAT teams should never be deployed solely on the basis that there is probable cause that drugs are present. Drugs being present do not equate to violence and many abuses of SWAT teams have been the result of that mistaken assumption. SWAT teams are only appropriate if it can be demonstrated that ordinary police officers cannot safely execute a warrant.

When SWAT teams are used it should be proportional. A full SWAT team is 20 officers and in many cases partial deployment is more appropriate and will not result in escalation or risk to citizens.
Training programs that encourage a ‘warrior’ mindset should be avoided.

Police stand next to a SWAT robot in Sanford, Maine, during a media demonstration. AP Photo by Robert F. Bukaty

There needs to be transparency so the public knows how the police will be policing their community and a chance to participate in the decision making process.  A bright light needs to be shined on the policies, practices and weaponry that are being used, there needs to be public oversight.  This requires data collection on equipment received, where it is and how it is used. Right now there is no consistent record keeping.
Finally we urge individual police officers who recognize that the militarization of policing is undermining their ability to be part of the community, to serve citizens and to protect them, to begin to speak out. We saw the impact of smart policing in Ferguson when Gov. Nixon put the State Highway Patrol in charge and Captain Ron Johnson joined the march and took off the helmets. Perhaps a broader effort for demilitarization by police will start with retired police officers, but it is important for the silent majority of police who see the problems of militarization to speak out. Let your colleagues know the police are part of the community, not occupiers of the community.

Take Action: Tell The Department Of Justice to end racist and militaristic policing.

This Monday we will be discussing “Demilitarizing the Police for Safer Communities” and will examine the militarization of police, racism in police enforcement and enforcement against political dissent on our radio show Clearing The FOG. You can hear it live or download the podcast.
This article is produced by Popular Resistance in conjunction with AlterNet.  It is a weekly review of the activities of the resistance movement. 

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Kevin Zeese, JD and Margaret Flowers, MD are organizers of; they co-direct It’s Our Economy and co-host Clearing the FOG. Their twitters are @KBZeese and MFlowers8.

 By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers Global Research, August 17, 2014  |

Maj. Gen. Harold Greene's funeral set for Thursday | Former Capital Region resident was the highest-ranking Army officer to die in Afghanistan By Dennis Yusko

Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • This image provided by the U.S. Army shows Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene. A U.S. official has identified the senior officer killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 5, 2014, as Greene, the highest-ranking American officer killed in combat since 1970. Greene was the deputy commanding general, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan. An engineer by training, Greene was involved in preparing Afghan forces for the time when U.S.-coalition troops leave at the end of this year. (AP Photo/U.S. Army) ORG XMIT: WX121 / U.S. Army
The nation will say goodbye Thursday to a U.S. Army general from Guilderland who died while trying to build Afghanistan's army.

Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene ...was 55 and lived in Virginia. He is the highest-ranking U.S. officer to lose his life in Afghanistan and the first general to be killed in combat since Maj. Gen. John Albert Dillard Jr. died May 12, 1970, when his helicopter was hit by enemy fire in Vietnam.

Greene was a highly educated leader with decades of military experience. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy in 1980 with degrees in materials and management engineering, and was commissioned through the Reserve Officers Training Corps as a second lieutenant on May 25, 1980. Greene also received degrees from the University of Southern California and the Army War College. He was promoted to major general on Sept. 2, 2012, while assigned to the Pentagon as deputy for acquisition and systems management.

"Maj. Gen. Greene was a soldier, a scholar and above all, a trusted professional leader — a leader who served a noble cause and sacrificed of himself so that others might live in peace and prosperity," McHugh said.  dyusko@timesunion.com518-454-5353@DAYusko


[sidebar:  What has happened to the human being?  The walk-walk, talk-talk, and don't wobble for the sake of a pitiful God!  Mass Murder, NOW why are humans committing mass murder on our own species and calling this act WAR?  There has to be a HOOK-LINE-SINKER.  Does RAW energy power get to lure the truly most ignorant of our species into positions of asses not seeing asses all walk like asses walking whether killing one another or not?!]




[sidebar:  The Federal Reserve System (Fed) runs the United States of America as though the USA is ITS', IE (ITS' the Fed), the Fed's, vassal state:  USA.  USA is the vassal of Israeli Firsters that occupy the USA.  Yea USA Yea USA!  USA is the colony of Government / Goldman Sachs [GS].  The thrill is going away, though.  Rapture didn't arrive to sweep all the gazers at apartheid-genocide into the rapture.  We got Obama and we get Hillary.  We have the DEMOCRATS.  And then Jeb Bush is being vetted for the 2016 ticket:  REPUBLICAN again.  And gosh again we get a Bush Family wannabe Gods of planet earth.  Home of the free and brave.  Got lots of really dumb humans, see FERGUSON, and then the portfolios of the retirees screams bloody murder alright.  Hillary Dillary Dock Clock Struck Out and Jeb Bush is in, just watch and then when the Fed isn't anymore, we maybe get to have the PREAMBLE actually contract JUSTICE, DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, COMMON DEFENCE, GENERAL WELFARE, BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY.  That IDEA resurrected is going to take a miracle.  Too many LIEYERS in the Fed's bed of feathered unfriendly vile evil criminally insane practitioners of the Metzitzah b'Peh.  DO GOOD CONTRACT LAW?  Don't see that happening when digital debt into perpetuity is what the so called "leaders" of 'Merica worship.  Tragic terrorism sold as enlightenment to never end ever, is even worse than just global terror war forever and ever in our lifetimes.  SCOTUS' LIEYER BRANDEIS hasn't been fully outed for the hidden market hand that has been destroying the idea of 'sovereign money' for as long as the SCOTUS' get to be poison mustard in the Constitutional Muster. be continued....]

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson Killing: Neighbor Live-Tweeted Brown Shooting; May Be Damning Evidence Against Officer | Gaza rift: ‘The sense is that Americans are disgusted with Netanyahu’


A Ferguson, MO man live-tweeted the shooting death of Michael Brown last Saturday with a raw account that contradicts what police reported to the media — Brown was shot twice in the back and five times in the front, according to the witness’ tweets.

Ferguson police didn’t confirm a specific number of shots fired, but said the officer at the center of the controversy, Darren Wilson, fired four to six times at the unarmed teen, according to NYDailyNews.

Twitter user “Bruh,” who goes by the handle @TheePharoah posted on August 9, “I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMFG,” followed by a gruesome photo he snapped with his phone of Brown lying face down in the street with two officers standing over his body, just two minutes after his initial tweet.
“Its blood all over the street, n—– protesting ns—,” he wrote next. “There is police tape all over my building. I am stuck in her omg.”

Bruh provided a real perspective of the shooting that differs from that of the police as well as friends of Brown’s, noting that he heard at least seven gunshots that hit the teen with the possibility of a couple other other missed shots.

“Dude was running and the cops just shot.him. i saw him die bruh,” TheePharoah tweeted. “The first two was clear, then it was a barage of them s—-,” he said of the gunshots.

Almost three hours after Bruh’s tweet of shots fired, Brown’s body still remained in the street, “Homie still on the ground tho,” he posted.

In a public statement Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson made to the press Friday, Jackson said Wilson shot the teen after he saw the boy and a friend walking in the middle of the road. Police confirmed that moments before the fatal incident, Brown allegedly stole cigars during a strong-arm robbery at a nearby convenience store, but Wilson was unaware of this altercation at the time he shot the teen.  By Amanda Shea Global Research, August 17, 2014

Israel denies relations with the US have deteriorated. Yet arms shipments to the Jewish state are being blocked as concerns grow over the large number of Palestinian casualties  Ben Lynfield Jerusalem 16 August 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has denied reports of a crisis in US-Israeli relations over the Gaza war, after the state department confirmed a new policy of placing weapons shipments to the Jewish state under closer scrutiny due to concern over the large number of Palestinian civilian fatalities.

Israeli officials, speaking to the liberal Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, confirmed that delivery of a consignment of Hellfire missiles, which are fitted to helicopters, has been blocked by the US since late last month as part of the American decision to impose limits on the transfer of weaponry that could be used in Gaza. The suspension, the first of its kind in more than three decades, was first reported in an article in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

The article added that the Obama administration was convinced Israel had not done enough to minimise civilian casualties and that its concerns included the use of artillery rather than more precise weaponry in the densely populated coastal enclave.

Israel says Hamas uses the civilian population as human shields and thus bears sole responsibility for the casualties. It sees US criticism over the Gaza toll as falling short of the unqualified support it believes it deserves in combatting a terrorist enemy.Mr Netanyahu’s spokesman, Mark Regev, said he had no knowledge of the Hellfire missiles being suspended. “We made a request and expect it to be fulfilled. There is no crisis, on the contrary the prime minister used the word terrific a few days ago to describe the support we have received from the US. Obviously our positions aren’t always identical but we are bound by common strategic interests and common values. We have a unique partnership.” >><

BRICS clout drawing membership bids: Putin | Bully America Colonist$ (IE Israel-USA-UK-Et-Al) Apartheid Genocide .... Brics and Brics and Brics New Silk Road Indeed

File photo of Russia's President Vladimir Putin, left, welcoming his Brazil's counterpart Dilma Rousseff, during a meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow [AP]
File photo of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, left, welcoming his Brazil’s counterpart Dilma Rousseff, during a meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow [AP]

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said the expansion of BRICS to include newer members is an issue likely to be raised in the future as more and more countries queue up for membership in the powerful bloc of emerging economies. “On the whole, today, more and more countries see the potential of this association. That is why, in the future, the issue of gradually expanding BRICS is likely to be raised,” Putin said in a joint interview to Itar-Tass and Prensa Latina on the eve of his trip to Latin America.
He, however, ruled out any immediate expansion of the group. Argentina had earlier bid to join the club.
“It is quite possible for BRICS to enter into strategic partnership with Argentina, as with other big developing countries, in both politics and the economy,” said Putin on Thursday.
Ahead of the 6th BRICS Summit, Putin lauded the growing “political influence” of Brazil in the international community.
Moscow, Putin said, supports Brazil “as a deserving and strong candidate for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council”.
“I am sure that this powerful and fast-developing country is destined to play an important role in the emerging polycentric world order,” he added.
Latin American nations, including Brazil, were angered by revelations in Brazil’s O Globo newspaper earlier that the US National Security Agency snooped on oil and energy firms in Brazil and intercepted calls and emails of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.
Rousseff had subsequently canceled a state visit to the US. Brazil then co-drafted the “right to privacy” resolution with Germany, which has been passed by the UN rights committee.
Putin on Thursday said the current cyber-espionage narrative “not only amounts to overt hypocrisy in relationships between allies and partners, but also a direct violation of the state’s sovereignty, an infringement on human rights and an invasion of privacy”.
After state visits to Cuba and Argentina, Putin heads to Rio de Janeiro on July 13 to watch the World Cup final.
The Russian President will hold talks with his BRICS counterparts in Fortaleza on July 15 and in Brasilia on July 16.
The BRICS development bank will be announced at the Summit in Brazil as an alternative to the Western-dominated World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The idea was proposed by India at a 2012 meeting of the organization’s finance ministers in Mexico.  TBP

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mother panda Juxiao (“Chrysanthemum Smile”) gave birth to triplets at the Chime-Long Safari Park in China || Specialists call it a miracle, as they are the world’s first known triplets to survive


Putin, Merkel Discuss Ways to De-escalate Situation in Ukraine - Kremlin

Putin expressed his concern about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Merkel
Tags: humanitarian aid, Germany, Ukraine, Russia

MOSCOW, August 16 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his concern about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as the two leaders sought ways to de-escalate tensions, the Kremlin’s press service said Saturday.

“Ways for international community to help de-escalate the situation in Ukraine are under discussion,” the press service’s statement said.

Putin also informed Merkel of the ongoing cooperation between Russia and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on their efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the civilian population of eastern Ukraine.

Russia has sent the humanitarian convoy to eastern Ukraine comprised of 280 trucks carrying about 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid that includes 62 tons of baby food, 54 tons of medication, 100 tons of sugar, 400 tons of grain and 12,000 sleeping bags, among other necessities.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Kiev had intensified its military action to prevent the humanitarian aid convoy from moving along the previously agreed-upon route to the city of Luhansk. Russia called on all sides of the conflict to declare an immediate ceasefire and international organizations to support Russia’s efforts.

A military confrontation between the Kiev-backed troops and the independence supporters is taking place in eastern Ukraine. The fighting broke out after the latter refused to acknowledge the newly-instated government following the February 22 coup. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations of its involvement in the Ukrainian crisis. 

Ukraine: This Time, West Sides With Nazis | Tony Cartalucci | New Eastern Outlook

Russian aid convoy consisting of nearly 300 white trailer trucks carrying 2,000 tons of supplies for besieged Ukrainians in the eastern province of Luhansk is being blocked by the regime in Kiev. The Guardian in its article, “Russian aid convoy ‘will not be admitted into Ukraine’,” stated:
A Ukrainian security spokesman has said that a humanitarian convoy Russia has dispatched to eastern Ukraine will not be admitted into the country.
The Guardian would also admit:
Thousands of people are said to be short of water, electricity and medical aid because of the fighting. The US president, Barack Obama, has said any Russian intervention without Kiev’s consent would be unacceptable and violate international law.
Despite both the regime in Kiev and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) already having agreed in principle to the aid mission, current dithering now seeks to delay the supplies from reaching desperate civilian populations encircled and bombarded by regime forces. Absent is the howling indignation that was voiced in Syria when Damascus leveled similar restrictions to international aid sent to terrorists now revealed to be Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra franchise and its founding organization, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) currently ravaging both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border in a rampage of unprecedented brutality and scale.

Demanding Aid in Syria, Blocking Aid in Ukraine 

The West struck a much different tone when Damascus, not Kiev, was blocking aid being sent across its borders. In the Associated Press article, “Syrian Government ‘Punishing’ Civilians By Blocking Aid: Human Rights Watch,” it stated:
An international rights group said Friday that Syria’s government was obstructing aid to war-torn areas by denying aid agencies permission to use rebel-held border crossings, affecting the lives of some 3 million Syrians living in tough-to-reach places.  
Human Rights Watch said Syria only allowed aid organizations to use the one border crossing with Turkey that remains in government hands near the far northern city of Qamishli. The crossing was opened to aid supplies earlier this month.
Kiev has likewise demanded that aid crosses only through regime held border checkpoints. The BBC would report in its article, “Ukraine may block Russian humanitarian aid convoy,” that:
Ukrainian officials have set conditions for receiving Russian aid in the east, after a huge convoy of food and medicine set off from outside Moscow.
Security council spokesman Andriy Lysenko said aid should pass through a government-controlled border post and be accompanied by Red Cross officials.
And while US President Obama claims, “any Russian intervention without Kiev’s consent would be unacceptable and violate international law,” it should be noted that NATO and several Persian Gulf regimes did the “unacceptable,” in violation of “international law,” and sent supplies to terrorist-held territory in Syria without Damascus’ approval.
Nine trucks carrying food and other supplies crossed into Syria through a Turkish checkpoint Thursday — the first to do so under a UN resolution authorizing cross-border aid deliveries without Syrian government approval.
The article would also state:
The council unanimously approved a resolution on July 14 authorizing cross-border delivery of aid to Syrians in rebel-held areas without government approval through four crossings — two in Turkey, one in Jordan and one in Iraq.
Despite circumstances in Ukraine favoring the circumvention of Kiev’s approval more so than in Syria where it is now confirmed foreign terrorists, not “Syrian rebels,” were waging war against Damascus, it is unlikely that the United Nations will approve of doing so and will instead back the hypocritical dithering and denial of aid to civilians it itself admits are in desperate need.
The UN’s concerns were reported in a RIA Novosti article titled, “UN Voices Concern About Trapped Civilians in Ukraine, Calls for Political Solution,” which stated:
United Nations is deeply concerned with the situation in eastern Ukraine, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said. 
“Innocent civilians trapped in the fighting continue to lose their lives,” he said Friday. 
Ban added that “restoring vital infrastructure, not least for water and sanitation, is essential for a return to normal life” and that “the number of those who are fleeing the area continues to grow.”
UN humanitarian official John Ging said on august 5 at an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council, that in Donetsk and Luhansk “the water supply is reduced to a few hours a day. Health supplies are running low, and an estimated 70% of health personnel have fled.”
WW2 in Reverse 

Compounding the humanitarian crisis is the fact that Kiev’s punitive operations in eastern Ukraine are headed by literal Nazi militants raised by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry itself. The Azov Battalion is reportedly engaged in combat operations in civilian areas – a group of Nazis admittedly spearheading many of Kiev’s most crucial operations.

The London Telegraph would report in its article titled, “Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists,” that:
As Ukraine’s armed forces tighten the noose around pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country, the western-backed government in Kiev is throwing militia groups – some openly neo-Nazi – into the front of the battle.
The Azov battalion has the most chilling reputation of all. Last week, it came to the fore as it mounted a bold attack on the rebel redoubt of Donetsk, striking deep into the suburbs of a city under siege.
The article would also admit:
Azov, with several thousand men under their command, are officially under the control of the interior ministry but their financing is murky, their training inadequate and their ideology often alarming.
The Azov men use the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol on their banner and members of the battalion are openly white supremacists, or anti-Semites.
Far from a “fringe group,” Azov was raised by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry itself, its directorates issued by Kiev. Russia attempting to send humanitarian relief to civilians encircled and terrorized by literal Nazis could not be a clearer cut case of a necessary humanitarian intervention and was in fact the underpinnings of the Allies in World War 2. That the West is actively attempting to block such an intervention shows that some of the Allies have clearly shifted ideologically, descending into previously unplumbed depths of human depravity.
Essentially WW2 in reverse - the West finds itself harboring the scourge of Nazism, not confronting it. Russia, as it did decades ago, finds itself once again confronting the horrors of bigotry, racism, and fascism menacing its borders and brutalizing people it considers “subhuman.”

A Win For Russia Regardless 

Hypocrisy in the West more breathtaking could not be invented by the Kremlin. Indeed the US will claim that sending humanitarian aid into communities besieged by literal Nazis where the regime in Kiev has intentionally destroyed infrastructure to break the populations’ will is unacceptable and a violation of international law, while sidestepping Damascus in Syria and sending weapons, cash, equipment, and supplies to terrorists now at the center of a regional conflagration.

While the civilians Russian aid is destined for may never receive it, Russia’s attempts to intervene with unarmed convoys of aid instead of airstrikes and terrorist proxies as NATO did in Libya in 2011, exposes once again the astounding hypocrisy of the West and the double standards that constitute the unifying principle of all its says and does on the global stage.

The continued denial of aid will only justify more drastic measures from Moscow, while further undermining the legitimacy of both the regime in Kiev, and its NATO sponsors. While the US claims authority to conduct airstrikes in Iraq, thousands of miles from its own shores in a nation that has no common thread, history, or relevance to America, it denies Russia the right to exhibit concern for a nation directly on its border, for a people who speak Russian, share a common history and culture, and at many points throughout history, shared common borders.

It will only become increasingly difficult for the US to hide what is naked imperialism as it wears down the tenuous pretexts its hides its otherwise illegitimate intentions behind. Russia, as it has continued to do, has committed to a less confrontation strategy. Sending an “invasion” of humanitarian supplies instead of the military invasion NATO has attempted to bait Russia into could not have been a bolder and strategically superior move. The ball is in the West’s court – and the West has decidedly dropped it once again.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.